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Plant Diversity of Flowering Herbs in Phu Sri Tan Wildlife Sanctuary, Mukdahan Province

Sutarat Khonkayan1*, Kanyapat Tanawech1, Suwanna Lamyai1 and Charanya Kulya1
1Department of Science and Technology, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Science, Roi-Et Rajabhat University, Roi Et Province 45120
*Corresponding author: Email:

Background and Objectives: Presently, biodiversity lost based on disturbed habitat is a crucial problem. Then, all data collecting urgently needed for conservation and habitat management planning, in particular endemic and vulnerable plant species. This study aimed to observe the species diversity and evaluate the status of flowering herbs at Phu Sri Tan Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Methodology: Four line transects were established which three lines were set up along the river bank and other on the nature trail for observe the flowering herbs during May 2020 to September 2021. Found flowering herbaceous species was identified and ecological environment factors were also recorded. In addition, all found species was evaluated on conservation status based on IUCN red list data.

Main Results: Flowering herbs of 39 families, 95 genera and 144 species were observed. The most diverse families were Zingiberaceae comprising 15 species in 5 genera and Asteraceae comprising 13 species in 10 genera. The result also indicated that 6 species are endemic species, Camchaya spinulifera, Eriocaulon siamense, E. smitinandii, Impatiens noei, Platostoma fimbriatum and Dimetra craibiana. In addition, ten species of rare, three species of vulnerable, and five species of endangered were also found. Species of Amorphophallus brevispathus (Araceae) is a critically endangered, while, two invasive species were also found. Indicating flowering herbs in the study area are faced to local extinct, thus, the habitat management plan urgently needed to conserve this plant group. 

Conclusion: The present status of all flowering herbs, particular, endemic and vulnerable species, is the necessary for conservation planning. In addition, all biodiversity databased is also benefit for future uses. 

Keywords: diversity; flowering herbs plant; Phu Sri Tan Wildlife Sanctuary; Mukdahan province

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