ISSN 2586-9566 (Print) ISSN 2985-0789 (Online)

Plant Functional Trait Composition in the Edge of Deciduous Dipterocarp Forest and Mixed Deciduous Forest at Mae Khum Mee Watershead, Phrae Province

Lamthai Asanok and Rungrawee Taweesuk
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This study aimed to compare plant functional trait composition between the edge of the deciduous dipterocarp forest (DDF) and mixed deciduous forest (MDF) in Mae Khum Mee Watershead, Phrae Province. The six 10 m x 100 m transect permanent plots were established in both edge area types. Species composition and plant functional trait were collected for comparing analysis. The results showed that plant functional trait composition had different significant between edge community of the deciduous dipterocarp forest and mixed deciduous forest. The dominant species of DDF displayed the slow growth rate trait such leaf mass per area, leaf succulence, and wood density. However, the dominant species of MDF showed fast growth trait such bark thickness and wood moisture content. The results suggested plant functional trait can be predicted growth rate potential of species composition in the forest edge area. Then, application for selecting suitable species followed species composition trait should be concerned.

Keywords: plant functional trait, forest edge, deciduous forest

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