ISSN 2586-9566 (Print) ISSN 2985-0789 (Online)

Species diversity of flowering plant in Tung Rangsit

Bhanumas Chantarasuwan and Atchara Teerawatananont
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The study on species abundance of flowering plant in Tung Rangsit was aimed to known on species composite in Tung Rangsit. Walking around survey was taken on plant survey, herbarium were collected and species identification was followed the Flora of Thailand, Thai name of each species was followed Thai Plants Name: Tem Smitinand revised edition 2014. The result showed 366 flowering species inhabit in Tung Rangsit, 130 species in additional from 2002 report, comprise of 248 domestic species and 118 alien species. Many alien are invasive species; Eichhornia crassipes , Mimosa pigra , Pennisetum pedicellatum , Leucaena leucocephala , Pistia stratiotes,Chromolaena odorata , Mikania cordata and Typha angustifolia.

Keywords: invasive plant, Rangsit canal, plant

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