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The Comparison of Wood Utilization: Case Study of Phrae Province

Itsaree Howpinjai, Siriluk Sukjaroen, and Thiti Wanishdilokratn
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The objectives of this study were (1) to study the of wood utilization in households sample and (2) to compare the wood utilization two communities. By using questionnaires as a tool to collect data found that there is a different of wood utilization between this two areas which mostly the use of wood farm or plantation in Mae Sai sub-district, Rong Kwang district is for house structure and inferior cooking in the household or agricultural implements. Hence the use of wood utilization in Mae Sai sub-district, Rong Kwang district is nonsignificant. However wood utilization in Wiang Thong sub-district, Sung Men district, wood is mainly brought from plantations which is teak from individual woodlands and wood from Forest Industry Organization. It is subsequently for wood productions, sawn wood, sawmill and wood products, old wooden house and logs. There a significant at 0.05. Mae Sai sub-district, RongKwang district have more utilization of wood in households than commercial and lack of knowledge and understanding in the use of wood in various forms. Therefore want to have the training to promote knowledge in this area. This is different in Wiang Thong sub-district, Sung Men district has more commercial utilization of wood than household both produced for household use and manufactured focus on the commercial occupation.

Keywords: Comparison, Wood Utilization

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