ISSN 2586-9566 (Print) ISSN 2985-0789 (Online)

Economic Analysis of Project Investment on Big Tree Conservation Policy at the Chaophraya River Riparian Area

Teeka Yotapakdee, Lamthai Asanok, Torlarp Kamyo, Monton Norsangsri, Napak Karnasuta, Suwit Navakam, and Chidchai Kaewborisut
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Recently, most of big trees distributed in public areas and faced on unsuitable management. This study aimed to evaluate the economic policy investment on big trees conservation along the Chaophraya River. The decision criteria of Net Present Value (NPV), Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR), and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) were used. The results showed that NPV was 76,875,369.87 ThB and BCR was 1.10 (over 1). In addition, IRR was 8.43 percent per year that more than discount rate, 7 percent per year. Therefore, a big tree conservation policy is a worthwhile for public investment and can use to support the country stratgies, particular on sustain green growth policy.

Keywords: Environmental policy, Financial Analysis, Value of Big Tree

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