ISSN 2586-9566 (Print) ISSN 2985-0789 (Online)

Production and Utilization of Gigantochloa albociliata in Mae Sai Community Forest, Rong Kwang District, Phrae Province

Torlap Kamyo, Nattanan Noimung and Sutthida Suwannawon
*Corresponding author: Email:

The study of the Gigantochloa albociliata production and utilization in Mae Sai community forest in Rong Kwang District, Phrae Province, aimed conducted to clarify the quantity and utilization of bamboo shoots. Bamboo shoots data , emergence, growth, and survival were collected from June 2017 to February 2018. Five sample plots of 20 m ? 20 m were set up, then, bamboo shoots were monitored once a week. The results showed that the clump density of bamboo was 24 ? 1 clumps per rai, while, the culm density was 361.6 ? 49.06 culms per rai. In addition, the growth rate of bamboo culm based on diameter was 0.07 m2 per rai. High bamboo shoots were found, 112.8 ? 20.03 shoots per rai, high emerged bamboo was found in beginning of August, 21.6 ? 4.2 shoots per rai, and the last period of emerged shoot was occurred in September. The increased rate of shoot height was highest in late October, 42.39 ? 9.83 cm per week, in contrast, growth of shoot height was detected during January to February. The utilized period of bamboo shoots was occurred during late July to early September. The total utilize of bamboo was 53.19 % of total shoots which highest and lowest used was found in August (34.67 % of utilized shoots) and September (9.33 % of utilized shoots). The mortality rate of bamboo shoots was 21.28 % per month which the highest and lowest rate were found in July (20 % of total died shoot) and October (3.33 % percent of total died shoot). However, survival rate of bamboo shoots was higher than mortality rate, 25.53 % of total bamboo shoots. Therefore, the different period of bamboo shoots can be used to set up the sustainable manage plan in this area.

Keywords: Gigantochloa albociliata, Maesai Community Forestry Phrae Province, Production and Utilization

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